Philosophical Gems in Unexpected Places

Sometimes your entertainment can make you think. One of those deep thoughts came while listening to Pre-Game 95, which is one of the shows done by TBGWT. The Pre-Game is a discussion about of a number of miscellaneous topics before the co-hosts, Rod and Justin, do the network’s sports show.

In a discussion about a clip from Tiny and T.I.’s reality show that relates to reasons behind their impending divorce, Rod made a really good point about how the destruction of infidelity goes beyond the physical.

“This is why I don’t cheat,” he said. “The problem isn’t even the cheating or getting away with the cheating. That’s what everyone thinks the problem with cheating is. No. There’s probably a ton of people who get away with cheating. The problem is you rob your relationship of trust and you rob yourself, first and foremost, of trust. You can’t trust your significant other ’cause you know what you’re capable of while keeping [an affair] under their nose.”

That stuck out to me. Essentially what Rod was able to verbalize is while the physical act of cheating is bad, it may not be the worst part of the act. In committing infidelity, the cheater robs themselves of the peace of mind that trust can bring and allows paranoia to move in. Paranoia that in many instances leads to actions which eventually dissolve the relationship.

I’d post a clip or the episode here, but it’s part of the network’s paid subscription offerings. If you happen to subscribe to the TBGWT premium feed, this part of the discussion happens around the 1:24:25 mark of the episode.


The Boa Constrictor That is Bama Football

During a recent episode of the sports podcast Unanimous Decision its host, DPalm, made an analogy comparing the perennial NCAA football favorite Alabama Crimson Tide to the suffocating snake.

At first I laughed, but the more I thought about it the more it makes sense. The way Bama goes about defeating its opponents on the football field is reminiscent of how a Boa attacks its prey. Take, for example, the game that was played the weekend this particular episode of the podcast was recorded, the SEC Championship game against the Florida Gators.

The Tide started slowly by comparison. It was the Gators that struck first, scoring a touchdown on its opening drive. The next series saw the Tide score a field goal on its initial possession. But, much like when a Boa wraps around its prey, the process is slow and deliberate. The prey thinks, at first, it has a chance to escape — or in this case win.
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The “You Must Remember This” Podcast and Parallels Between Past and Present

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

I’m a podcast fan. I listen to several, even been on one a couple times. One podcast I’ve gotten into lately is You Must Remember This. It’s about the first century of the Hollywood film industry, but instead of focusing solely on the glamour, it hones in on the “secret and/or forgotten” stories — and, like in the case of its current series, the stories some would probably prefer people to forget.

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