Seeing the Southwest

Featured Image: White Sands National Monument (New Mexico)

I’ve been doing some daydreaming about places I want to travel soon, and two states that seem to catch people off guard when I bring them up are Arizona and New Mexico.

I’ve always had an affinity for the desert southwest, maybe because I was born there. However, my family moved away before I was old enough to remember it and I’ve always wanted to visit. The visuals from afar are beautiful. The Grand Canyon. The red rocks of Sedona. White Sands in New Mexico. The scenic byways of New Mexico. I want to see it firsthand.

Also, being a girl who grew up in the shadow of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, I have a soft spot for astrology and space. In these two states, there are places renowned for their sky-gazing sights. One is the Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Arizona. Plus, New Mexico has an extensive history and connection with the space program.

In addition, I’ve had a respectful — and more than passing — curiosity about the Native American cultures of the Navajo and Apache tribes since I was younger. I wouldn’t mind doing one of tours of Navajo Nation or visiting the communities of the other tribes that make the southwestern United States their home.

The car girl buried within me would like to see the passageway that helped the car industry explode too: the historic Route 66.

So yeah, I hope a trip the southwest isn’t too far in the future for me. The biggest question may be will I have enough time for all the things I could do there?

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon


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