Philosophical Gems in Unexpected Places

Sometimes your entertainment can make you think. One of those deep thoughts came while listening to Pre-Game 95, which is one of the shows done by TBGWT. The Pre-Game is a discussion about of a number of miscellaneous topics before the co-hosts, Rod and Justin, do the network’s sports show.

In a discussion about a clip from Tiny and T.I.’s reality show that relates to reasons behind their impending divorce, Rod made a really good point about how the destruction of infidelity goes beyond the physical.

“This is why I don’t cheat,” he said. “The problem isn’t even the cheating or getting away with the cheating. That’s what everyone thinks the problem with cheating is. No. There’s probably a ton of people who get away with cheating. The problem is you rob your relationship of trust and you rob yourself, first and foremost, of trust. You can’t trust your significant other ’cause you know what you’re capable of while keeping [an affair] under their nose.”

That stuck out to me. Essentially what Rod was able to verbalize is while the physical act of cheating is bad, it may not be the worst part of the act. In committing infidelity, the cheater robs themselves of the peace of mind that trust can bring and allows paranoia to move in. Paranoia that in many instances leads to actions which eventually dissolve the relationship.

I’d post a clip or the episode here, but it’s part of the network’s paid subscription offerings. If you happen to subscribe to the TBGWT premium feed, this part of the discussion happens around the 1:24:25 mark of the episode.

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Everyone with a Brand Needs an App, But Who’s Going to Develop Them?

Something I thought about recently: there’s an app for everything now, from entertainment to medical, and it’s not just large companies or tech firms that are expected to have mobile apps.

As Scott Shane, professor at research university Case Western Reserve, says:

“Having a web presence alone is no longer sufficient, as online activity continues to shift to mobile. Simply put, smartphone apps have become too important a marketing tool for small business owners to do without.”

Millions of people (myself included) manage their a great deal of life from their phones. An estimated 90% of phone time is in use of an app. Apps allow small businesses — or anyone with a brand, really — to engage with customers and potential customers on a daily basis. It helps that biz or brand owner develop a relationship and lie in wait for the moment a person needs that business’ particular product or service, no matter when that need arises.

App development has become more accessible in the last couple years — much like website design did — meaning it will become easier for the masses to design their own. This means a market opportunity for those willing to teach app development, or create a system that makes step-by-step app creation a possibility. Think of how successful a WordPress-like system for apps would be?

However, the odds are good that most small businesses and those with their own brands to tend to will turn to existing businesses that offer tech services. Not to mention freelancers who can use their graphic and tech knowledge to help others. Often small biz owners have too much on their plate to add another thing to the to-do list. Plus, some just won’t want to deal with the hassle.

One last thing I thought about on this topic. The spread of app usage also means that soon we might be venturing into a time of personal apps. What would your app include?


Fast Food Consumers Are Seeking A New Fresh

Professionally, I write about the business franchise industry. While doing some research for an upcoming project, I had an observation: fast food is going through a transformation that may be unprecedented. My observation doesn’t really fit into the piece I’m writing there, so I decided to explore it further on my own time.

Look at what’s going on with Subway, for example.

“Eat Fresh” has been Subway’s motto for years. However, the nearly 50-year-old franchise has been wilting to a degree in the past year. Continue reading “Fast Food Consumers Are Seeking A New Fresh”


What is Personal Pensism?

You might have noticed my blog underwent a bit of an overhaul.

I wanted to make it more me. So I changed the theme, dropped the more generic title of  “My Mixed Bag,” and switched the name to “Personal Pensism.”

What is Personal Pensism? Here’s a breakdown:

Personal: adjective meaning of, relating to, or coming as from a particular person; individual

Pensive: adjective meaning dreamily or wistfully thoughtful

-ism: a suffix of many English words used to denote a specific ideology.

I love writing and I tend to do a lot of thinking. Pensism is my coined way of expressing the things that I think about through written word.