Good Mood Music: Coming to My Senses

I love blending poetry and songwriting, but TCOY is more like a subconscious stream of thoughts.

This month’s selection is a very recent release. “Coming to My Senses” is a track off of Alina Baraz’s EP The Color of You.

As Alina noted in the quote above from a Complex interview, the whole project flows from start to finish, with each song melding into the next. Projects like that are really good chill out and unwind from what’s going on music for me. “Coming to My Senses” is one of the standout songs on TCOY to me because it has a bit more pace than most of the other songs—and the rhythm of the chorus is really catchy.

…All night, tried to paint a picture of you
In my mind, but you…
You’re a color that don’t exist
What are you?
I hear sounds you make with my lips
What are you?
I’m getting so close to
Coming to my senses…

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