Good Mood Music: The Lady In My Life

…And I will keep you warm
Through the shadows of the night
Let me touch you with my love
I can make you feel so right…
…And baby through the years
Even when we’re old and gray
I will love you more each day
‘Cause you will always be the lady in my life…

Despite Michael Jackson being the “King of Pop” and revered for his dancing abilities, I gravitate towards the ballads in his catalog for many of my very favorite MJ songs.

The pattern holds true when it comes to my favorite song on his legendary Thriller album. While I really like listening to the more uptempo tracks, I can listen to  “The Lady In My Life” on repeat like no other.

I remember someone a few years ago asking people to name their favorite 3-5 MJ songs, and “The Lady In My Life” was mentioned surprisingly often. Surprising because of the 7 singles released off the 9 song containing Thriller, “The Lady In My Life” wasn’t one. The popularity of the album’s closing tune has been as much by happenstance as a song on the world’s best selling album ever could have.

I love the song so much that songs that sample it automatically increase their standing with me. Case and point: “Hey Lover” by LL Cool J featuring Boyz II Men.

Make no mistake, I already love LL and Boyz II Men so I likely would’ve liked, or really liked, that song anyway. However, the sample puts it over the top in a similar way that the “Show You The Way To Go” sample helped make LaDae’s “Party2Nite” a permanent fixture in my music collection.


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