Some of My Favorite NCAA Leos of the 2017 Season 

I didn’t get around to a favorite leo post last year, so I’m bringing it back for 2017.

This is my favorite leo of the year. It was one Auburn debuted early in the season.

Note: I posted this before Nationals, so I didn’t get to see the debuts that happened there. I had to come back and add this one from Alabama to the list. It ties with Auburn’s leo above for my fave of 2017.

If you described the leo below to someone without them seeing it, they’d probably say the top and sleeves sound too busy. But it works. To be honest this leo, worn by Michigan, would’ve made a really good LSU leo for Mardi Gras.

Screenshot from Meet

Michigan also had an ombré leo similar to Auburn’s that I liked.

This Utah leo makes my list because it keeps it simple and more subtle with its school spirit than some of its others. The red “U” on the front makes for a really nice focal point, and doesn’t get lost in the mix like it does with some of the other team leos.


Credit: Daily Utah Chronicle

Iowa does about every combination of black and either “nude” or black mesh accents you can imagine for its leos. They’re all elegant and well done. My favorite stands out for not only the swirls on the sleeves, but because of of the back. It gives the illusion of a open back instead of actually being open.

Credit: Iowa Gymnastics Facebook Page

This is without a doubt my fave UCLA leo. The subtle ombre of the bodice is perfect, and the sweetheart neckline isn’t too deep of a V-cut.

kr_at-utahScreenshot from Meet

It’s hard to get white leos right. Some will say you can’t get a white leo right at all, but I think this one from Oregon State gets it right, though. It has enough sparkle and accents for it to not be dull. And the lattice details on the back are a nice touch too.

Credit: Oregon State Gymnastics Facebook page

I also like these two from LSU. The still photo really doesn’t do the second one justice.

Credit: Chris Parent, LSU Sports


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