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The Most Decorated U.S. Olympic Women Gymnasts

In my (quite possibly, but not intentionally biased) opinion, the already ridiculously tough goal of winning Olympic medals is a little harder in gymnastics than in other some sports.

Because of the extreme pounding the sport in general — let alone the medal-worthy routines — can entail, a large percentage of gymnasts are lucky to get through a single Olympic cycle instead of the multiple chances you’re more likely to see in sports like swimming and track. In addition, the presence of multiple relays in those sports increases the number of potential medal chances whereas gymnastics only has one team competition.

In light of the typically short career lifespan and comparatively fewer opportunities to medal, it makes the accomplishment of the 5 gymnasts that made Team USA’s current list of the 29 Most Decorated Female Olympians of All Time that much more incredible.

Shannon Miller: T-7th Overall

2-Time Olympian (Barcelona 1992, Atlanta 1996)

2 GoldšŸ„‡: Team – 1996, Beam – 1996
2 SilveršŸ„ˆ: All Around – 1992, Beam – 1992
3 BronzešŸ„‰: Team – 1992, Bars – 1992, Floor – 1992

Aly Raisman: T-10th Overall

2-Time Olympian (London 2012, Rio 2016)

3 GoldšŸ„‡: Team – 2012, 2016; Floor – 2012
2 SilveršŸ„ˆ: All Around – 2016, Floor – 2016
1 BronzešŸ„‰: Beam – 2012

Simone Biles: T-19th Overall

1-Time Olympian (Rio 2016)

4 GoldšŸ„‡: Team, All Around, Vault, Floor
1 BronzešŸ„‰: Beam

Nastia Liukin: T-19th Overall

1-Time Olympian (Beijing 2008)

1 GoldšŸ„‡: All Around
3 SilveršŸ„ˆ: Team, Bars, Beam
1 BronzešŸ„‰: Floor

Mary Lou Retton: T-19th Overall

1-Time Olympian (Los Angeles 1984)

1 GoldšŸ„‡: All Around
2 SilveršŸ„ˆ: Team, Vault
2 BronzešŸ„‰: Bars, Floor


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