Good Mood Music: Take It to Da House

With football season here, it’s a good time to spotlight one of my favorite tailgating/pep rally songs: “Take It to Da┬áHouse.”

Performed by Trick Daddy featuring Trina and a number of other then Slip-n-Slide Records label mates, collectively known as the Slip-n-Slide (or SNS) Express, this song puts you in the mood to have a good time from the moment you hear the horns that play throughout the song from the start.

You really don’t even need to hear the lyrics for the vibe to hit you, which is demonstrated in the instrumental version below. That’s a plus considering when you’re in a big, crowded football stadium, sometimes all you can distinguish is the track when music is played.

The music video features basketball, but the song works just as well for football too. I’ve heard it over the PA system during many games, and a lot of marching bands have played a version of the song at halftime.

Here’s the full music video version:


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