Good Mood Music: The One

“We want to feel, and we typically love those who can distill what they feel and express it in a relatable way.”

~ Bomani Jones, following the death of David Bowie in January 2016

Prince (who I still can’t believe has departed this life) also personified those words above.

He took concepts — particularly in the areas of love, sex, and spirituality — and conveyed them through his music with a coherence so many of us are still searching for in our own lives.

“Kiss.” “Gett Off.” “Purple Rain.” “Let’s Go Crazy.” Prince’s catalog conveys a grasp of concepts us mere mortals often can’t express ourselves fully and authentically on, or in cases are too timid to do so. In this post, I’m turning the spotlight towards one of his tamer, less commercially popular songs, “The One.”

The song is from his New Power Generation days in the mid-to-late 1990s, a time in which he was going by “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince” following a highly-publicized battle with his record company and the music industry at-large for control of his career. “The One” is an ode to the courtship stage of love, and the implicit desires and feelings virtually all people hope come to them when they find a potential mate.

Of note, the video features his first wife, Mayte Garcia.


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