Good Mood Music: Captive Heart 

Captive Heart” was one of the few English-language songs Selena was able to record before her tragic death in March 1995. It and “Dreaming of You” are my fave English songs of hers.

The song is a departure from her signature Tejano sound. Recorded in January 1995, the song is formally listed as “electro-pop”, but has a sound that was common with R&B and pop songs of the time with ballad-like lyrics over an uptempo track.

The song was released in promotion of her posthumous Dreaming of You album, but didn’t reach the heights of the album’s title track, “I Could Fall in Love”, or “Missing My Baby”. Much of it’s lack of chart success can be traced to lack of record company support. The song wasn’t given the kind of backing the others received.


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