The “You Must Remember This” Podcast and Parallels Between Past and Present

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

I’m a podcast fan. I listen to several, even been on one a couple times. One podcast I’ve gotten into lately is You Must Remember This. It’s about the first century of the Hollywood film industry, but instead of focusing solely on the glamour, it hones in on the “secret and/or forgotten” stories — and, like in the case of its current series, the stories some would probably prefer people to forget.


Right now the podcast is in the middle of its Blacklist series, highlighting stories from those who were accused of being communist sympathizers and were subjected to harsh consequences — sometimes without proper due course.

What strikes me is some of the tactics used by the politicians back in the “Red Scare” era are disconcertingly similar to tactics being used present-day, namely fear-mongering and divisiveness.

Another similarity of today to yesteryear is the fight minority groups endure to be included within the upper echelon of the movie industry and play diverse roles, evidenced by ongoing campaigns such as #OscarsSoWhite and #whitewashedOUT.

I highly recommend the You Must Remember This podcast even if you’re not a film buff — and don’t worry about it being too heavy. The allure of Hollywood’s Golden Age still holds. Even though it deals with serious subjects, it doesn’t dwell in those dark spots. It moves quickly through each part of the story weaving each tale into a well-rounded story of a day long gone. Plus, you’ll come away learning a lot new things each episode.


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