A Trip to Dublin: In Pictures

In December, I had the chance to visit Dublin, Ireland for a few days. Here are some pictures from the trip, along with some assorted thoughts.

Samuel Beckett Bridge aka Harp Bridge (It was designed to resemble a harp from the side; the harp is the national symbol of Ireland.)

The River Liffey runs through the center of the city dissecting into the north side and south side. The crazy thing about the river and the water areas that surround Dublin is the tide. I’ve yet to go a place where the water level between low and high tides is so great, and occurs as fast.

River Liffey

The River Liffey

I was lucky enough to stay in the middle of the city in the Clarence Hotel, which is actually owned by Bono of U2.

Pictures of My Room at the Clarence Hotel

It’s a boutique hotel with only 50 rooms. Everything is kept simple and classic, note the old-school room key in the pictures above. It was really nice, and it was within walking distance of pretty much everything you needed. I love getting to visit “walking cities” like Dublin.  There aren’t a lot of them in the U.S.

Random Pictures between Dublin and Forty Foot

The group I was with stayed in the city most of the time we were there. However, we did take a day to venture outside the city. The first stop outside of Dublin we made was Forty Foot, a swimming spot on the Eastern coast of Ireland. Originally it was only open to men, but now anyone can swim there. We went on a cold and windy day, but still saw some swimmers. However, they didn’t stay in the water long.

Pictures of Forty Foot

Adjacent to 40 Foot is Sandycove Beach, another popular spot.

Pictures of Sandycove Beach

The James Joyce Tower & Museum is nearby to those two places, but unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit.

On the way back to Dublin, we stopped in the port town of Dún Laoghaire. I wished I had more time to discover it. It was busy without being crowded, and seemed like a really nice mix of modern and traditional.

Pictures from Dún Laoghaire

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit. I walked around the city quite a bit, but forgot to take more pictures.

The biggest thing I noticed walking around was smaller paths that appeared to be alleyways were actual passages with storefronts along them — there’s not a lot of wasted space. I also liked the classic cobblestones paths. They gave a different feeling right in the middle of the city.

It also seems to be a good thing that Dublin is a city you can walk to your destination fairly easily. Every time I looked, the buses and trams were packed like a can of sardines, not even standing room only.

And it’s not like the buses are the size of the ones used in the U.S. for everyday public transport. They’re double deckers, similar to the ones used for tourist tours in NYC. My friend who lives in Dublin says locals, like in many other big cities, have a lot of complaints about the public transportation system (but at least the transit system isn’t on strike like has happened in other cities e.g. Rome).

Dublin City Bus
Dublin City Bus

Last two pictures. I love photos from planes, so here’s a couple I took flying back while over Canada.

Photos from the Plane on the Return Trip


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