Get To Know The Gymnastics Blogger

In light of the Olympics being this year, and the elite season kicking into full swing this month,  I decided that I would post my gym blogger profile from Tumblr here in case any blog readers wondered about me and my history with gymnastics.

I kept my answers to mostly WAG (women’s artistic gymnastics) since it’s the discipline I write the most about.

Name: Renee (@rb218 on Twitter, GoldenAerial on Tumblr)

Gym Fan Since: Before I can remember. My concrete memories start around 1995.

Gymnast Since: Nothing too formal, but I did some open gym as a kid.

Coach Since: N/A

Favorite Quad to Date: 2009-2012



Alicia (Sacramone) Quinn doing a Rudi during the 2010 World Vault final.

Favorite Olympics: London 2012

Favorite Worlds: Melbourne 2005

Most Disastrous Competition: Since I’ve been a fan it’s Sydney 2000, for the women. It sped up the change to the vault table instead of the vault horse. (Athens 2004 was probably it for the men.)

Favorite Gymnasts of All-time: Women: Dominique Dawes (USA), Mo Huilan (CHN), Lilia Podkopayeva (UKR), Betty Okino (USA); Men: Alexei Nemov (RUS), Blaine Wilson (USA)

Favorite Gymnasts Currently Competing: I have soooooo many, but to name the tip of the iceberg: Simone Biles (USA), Aly Raisman (USA), Aliya Mustafina (RUS), Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS), Diana Bulimar (ROU), Larisa Iordache (ROU), Huang Huidan (CHN), Yao Jinnan (CHN) for the women; Manrique Larduet (CUB), Donnell Whittenburg (USA), John Orozco (USA), Danell Leyva (USA) for the men.

Met any gymnastics celebrities?: I’ve seen many in person, but my longest interaction was with Dominique Moceanu (USA) at one of her 5-7-9 appearances.

Favorite Event to Watch: Bars

Favorite Event as a Gymnast: I liked doing flyaways off bars.

Gymnastics Pet Peeve: Cowboyed double tucks (it’s where the legs are pulled apart excessively to help speed rotation)

Favorite Skills: Rudi on VT; Markelov/Khorkina on UB; Onodi on BB; Double Arabian and Attitude Turns on FX


Deanne Soza doing a double attitude turn.


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