Good Mood Music: Learned from the Best

My February entry is “Learned from the Best” by Whitney Houston.

Written by the also-legendary Diane Warren, the song focuses on the fact that you can learn bad things from relationships too, like “how to break a heart.”

To that point in her career, Whitney had largely performed ballads that focused on love from an optimistic point of view. “Learned from the Best,” along with the lion’s share of her 1998 My Love is Your Love album, displayed more of an overcoming the difficulties vibe.

Admittedly, the video left me wanting more at the time. I was a fan of the mega-concept videos that hit their peak around then. But if you’ve seen Whitney Houston music videos, you know they follow a similar formula: not a lot of bells and whistles, which worked for her. Her voice and charisma never really needed additional ornamentation to convey the message of a song.


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