#BlackGirlMagic in NCAA Gymnastics

Waking up to Sophina DeJesus of UCLA going viral for her floor routine was a nice surprise. I always love when those outside the “gymternet” bubble discover what the rest of us know and love — these girls rock.

So I decided to spotlight a few more gymnasts that bring the #BlackGirlMagic each week in the college ranks. These routines just scratch the surface of fierceness displayed, however. There are countless routines like this. If you can’t get to meet, watch one on TV (yes, a few are televised each week during the season) or find more routines like this on YouTube channels like this one and this one..

Sophina DeJesus, UCLA

Nina McGee, Denver

Carley Sims, Alabama

Kennedy Baker, Florida

Ali Jackson, Oklahoma 

Sadiqua Bynum, UCLA

Bonus: Rebeca Andrade, Brazil

Since the rules for NCAA and elite/Olympic-level gymnastics differ so much, it’s rare to get a floor routine that showcases so much personality in international competition. However, from time-to-time one breaks through. Like this routine done to a Beyonce medley.


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