Good Mood Music: New Year, New Music (Brandy)

Brandy - Beggin & Pleadin

The first full week of 2016 saw a few high profile releases in the R&B and Rap circles that left fans saying “thank you” to the music gods and wondering if there’s more where that came from.

For this post, I’m going to focus on Brandy.

Though she has been featured on a few songs here and there in the last few years, Brandy’s release comes after a decent length hiatus from the music scene. Her last full album effort, Two Eleven (titled for her birthday), didn’t live up to expectations after its release in early 2012.

Much of that, unfortunately, was tragic timing. The death of Whitney Houston occurred on February 11. 

The sudden passing of the entertainment industry legend left virtually everyone in a state of shock. The impact was even more profound for artists like Brandy, who considered Whitney a friend, not just a mentor. Plus, having such a beloved person die on your birthday also brings about an adjustment to how you — and people around you who share a connection to that person — approach that time of year. 

Flashing forward to this week’s release, “Beggin & Pleadin” has Brandy reaching all the way back to her Mississippi roots.

I love this down home style on her. And looking back with 20/20 vision you can see the evolution of it in her career.

I remember back when she released the album Full Moon how taken aback some were when she shed the pop music topics of her career origins for ones more befitting her real-life experiences as a young adult. Now,  we’re here. “Beggin & Pleadin” is gritty and has the sound of someone who has been through some thangs, which she most certainly has.

I’m curious to know if she can develop a whole album around this sound. It could be the path she needs back into the music fold. (When it comes to TV, she has a new show already airing on BET.) Her turn on stage at the Soul Train Awards a few months ago during the Babyface tribute was well-received, and it’d be nice for another group of music fans to see why Brandy the singer is still revered by many R&B fans.

Listen to the song here:


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