2015 World Championships Update for Caribbean Island Gymnasts


Danusia Francis; Photo Credit: Christy Ann Linder Gymnastics Photography

The 2015 World Championships for gymnastics are now over. Since gymnasts from the Caribbean typically don’t get as much press as gymnasts from other nations, I spent this year keeping track of their big international competition participation. Now, it’s time to wrap up their Worlds experience.

55. Marcia Vidiaux (Cuba) – 52.562
59. Thema Williams (Trinidad & Tobago) – 52.466
66. Danusia Francis (Jamaica) – 51.999
77. Marisa Dick (Trinidad & Tobago) – 51.499
89. Dovelis Torres (Cuba) – 50.740
93. Toni-Ann Williams (Jamaica) – 50.531
114. Paula Meijas (Puerto Rico) – 49.166
133. Yamilet Pena (Dominican Republic) – 47.898
155. Andrea Maldonado (Puerto Rico) – 46.432
161. Paola Moreira (Puerto Rico) – 45.965
222. Kianna Dean (Bahamas) – 36.198
231. Simone Hall (Bahamas) – 31.633 (3 events only)
251. Morgan Lloyd (Cayman Islands) – 24.166 (3 events only)

– Maya Williams (Jamaica) was limited to only beam, where she scored 10.133.
– Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica earned one spot each for the Rio Test Event in April. The test event is the last chance for individuals to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games. The gymnasts who participate are to be determined by each of the country’s gymnastics federations, which may get a bit “confusing” if this story from Trinidad and Tobago is any indication. Fortunately, that particular story was quickly resolved.
– Danusia Francis didn’t get the balance beam skill she planned named after her because the panel ruled that it’s two elements instead of one.

Full results from the entire championships available here.

Also, here are the two previews from earlier, including background information:

– The Caribbean Women Gymnasts at the 2015 Pan American Games
– The Caribbean Island Gymnasts at Glasgow Worlds

I can’t do a Caribbean gymnast update without mentioning Manrique Larduet of Cuba. A surprise to those who didn’t watch Pan Ams this summer, Manrique won the silver all-around medal on Friday. Considering Kohei Uchimura has won six straight all-around world titles, winning silver is a victory in itself. As you can see, he was very happy with his result.


It’s not hard to imagine that the Cuban gymnastics federation broke their over decade long hiatus from world championship competition for him. He’s on track to be one of the gymnastics stars of the 2016 Games.

However, the FIG doesn’t award automatic 2016 Olympic qualifying spots to AA medalists at these Worlds, only event final medalists, so Manrique had to wait until he won bronze in the high bar final on Sunday to qualify. (Side note: According to an official, the exclusion of AA medalists from direct qualification was an oversight, and the rule has already been changed for 2020.)

One gymnast moving onto the test event is Reiss Beckford (Jamaica). April will mark the first time a female and male Jamaican gymnast participates in an Olympic test event. Like Danusia, Reiss is an England-native that switched country affiliations to pursue his Olympic dream.


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