Good Mood Music: Necessary Evil

If a song conjures feeling of haunting that reminds you of roaming older mansions like those in New Orleans or other places believed to have a eerie aura, it’s probably a good song for the month of October.

“Necessary Evil” by Nikki Yanofsky fits that description. The song is part of her jazz-infused Little Secret album.

It’s hard to put it into exact words why this song gives me Halloween-like vibes, but it revolves around the music track under the lyrics.

A haunting feeling can come from a sense of the unknown. “Necessary Evil” builds that feeling from the first few notes. Also, the swells in the music around the chorus add to a sense of foreboding. Of what? I don’t know exactly. But using the lyrics as a guide, I have a feeling it’s something to do with the heart wanting something (or someone) the head isn’t so sure about.

Not surprisingly, the music video is set in a castle.


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