Good Mood Music: Inside My Dream

Blue Velvet Soul album cover

…When I close my eyes at night I enter another world

Where my fantasy becomes my reality

A place I never, ever want to leave

I just want to live inside my dream…

Formerly a part of Stevie Wonder’s female backup group Wonderlove, Maysa Leak is a jazz/R&B/soul singer from Maryland. She has also been a part of the British jazz/funk/R&B band Incognito since the early 1990s. She actually earned her place in the group with an over-the-phone audition.

…I want my fantasy to be…my reality

All I gotta do is close my eyes…and dream…

Inside My Dream” was a single from her 2013 album Blue Velvet Soul. As you can probably gather from the lyrics above, there’s no secret why I call this song a “good mood” song. Whenever I need a musical pick me up, it’s one of the first tracks I play. The video recounts special moments in Maysa’s own life.


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