10 More Observations and Thoughts After Nationals

P&G Championships are over for 2015. Congratulations to all of the all-around and individual event champions!

As a follow up to my thoughts before nationals, here are 10 more random thoughts following this week’s 4 days of competition:

1. This year’s senior women night 1 was a 2011 re-do in terms of errors.

I originally had typed “a 2011 re-do, thankfully without the injuries.” Unfortunately, it was revealed the next day Amelia Hundley did sustain a slight meniscus tear during her floor routine. I didn’t even get a hint that something went wrong watching. She had one of her best all around performances ever on Thursday in my eyes.

And in following the pattern, night 2 was remarkably cleaner except…

2. Kyla Ross. I’m kind of surprised there hadn’t been a change away from that hop to double front bars dismount before this point. The double layout was getting to be difficult because of her height, but it’s evident that she needs a backwards tap and/or a giant or two before the dismount to get the height she needs.

If they get the bars dismount situation squared away, she still can be a valuable member of the World Championship team. I hope her 2015 ends up like Nastia’s 2007 in that she’s having struggles, but those struggles clear the path for a smooth Olympic year.

3. Remember how I said Simone Biles‘ new floor music hadn’t grown on me yet. It has now.

4. Yes, I’m still chuckling over Jon Horton‘s day 1 vault.

And hat tip to Claudio for the inspiration for this…

Horton-Poochie Meme

5. I mentioned I want the consistency fairy to visit Jordan Chiles when she’s done visiting Seda Tutkhalyan. I still want that, but I also would like to add Deanne Soza┬áto that list. Thankfully, they’re both so young and have plenty of time to get consistent.

6. I know why they do it, but…Dear NBC Sports Heads and Producers, would it really hurt to show the routines of gymnasts who may not be at the very top of the scoreboard or have high name recognition by the general public, but have really nice routines as well?

7. *Sings in Sheryl Crow voice* “[Sometimes] a change will do you good.” Whether it’s a different coaching style or the change of scenery, switching gyms to Legacy Elite has done wonders for Nia Dennis.

8. I — and so many others — would really like Sam Mikulak to finally have a 6-for-6 all around on an international stage this fall in Glasgow.

9. I’m so glad Donnell Whittenburg chose gymnastics over football.

10. The women’s world team selection team doesn’t have an easy task, but I think the men’s selection team has a more difficult assignment…and less than 24 hours (from Sunday afternoon) to pull it off.

Bonus: My favorite shot (and leo) of the weekend.

Laurie Hernandez on Beam, 2015 P&G ChampionshipsLaurie Hernandez on Beam; Credit: Christy Ann Linder Gymnastics Photography


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