Before Nationals, 10 Observations and Thoughts From Classics

Credit: USA Gymnastics

Nationals, formally the P&G Gymnastics Championships, start tomorrow for the women. Before then, some thoughts from Classics a few weeks ago.

1. She may not make the 2016 Olympic team, but I’m so happy the “four-year audience” is going to get to experience Laurie Hernandez next year.

2. I’m probably in the minority, but I like Simone Biles’ floor music from last year better than the new version. Maybe it just needs to grow on me.

3. Deanne Soza‘s and Morgan Hurd‘s form. 🙌

4. After she visits Seda Tutkhalyan, I need the consistency fairy to visit Jordan Chiles.

5. I’m so happy to see someone performing my favorite beam acro series: aerial, layout stepout, layout stepout (Abby Paulson).

6. Here’s how good Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman are: both came back to competition after 3 years off and immediately went to virtual locks for the World team.

7. Speaking of Aly, is there a limit on how many times you’re allowed to watch her floor routine? Asking for a friend.😉

8. It was really nice to see Sabrina Vega compete again after a 3 year absence also, even though she had to water down routines because of injuries.

9. The unfortunate side of incredible depth: some World Championship level girls won’t get a(nother) international assignment this year.

10. More Laurent Landi never hurts.


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