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My First Podcast as a Participant

I’ve been listening to podcasts for a a few years now. And while I wondered what it be like to do one, I didn’t think I’d get a chance.

That changed last week when Don, a Twitter buddy of mine, asked me to be a panelist on Know the Score, a new podcast on the Cold Slither Podcast Network.

We (Don, another panelist Rick, and I) talked about a range of topics. However, we mostly discussed racing: the July 4th race at Daytona, our experiences as fans, favorite drivers, perceptions of the “black NASCAR fan” and the future of black NASCAR drivers.

I’ll admit, I was hesitant to accept the invitation, mostly because my love of the series has been waning lately, and I didn’t want to be any level of a drag. But I’m so glad I did the show. Recording was just like talking to longtime friends — and I had a lot of fun!

If you’d like to listen to the podcast, just click on the logo below!


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