Craving a SugarHigh

Have you ever gotten the feeling your mp3 player or streaming service knew exactly what you needed to hear at a certain time?

The other day, my iPod shuffled to “SugarHigh” off of the album Dive Deeper by Jade Anderson. Scheduled for U.S. release in 2003, the album was shelved by the record label for some reason. However, I was so enamored with the sample snippets that had been released that I sent away via Ebay for a copy of the album, which was only released in Japan.

Cover of Jade Anderson’s Debut Single “SugarHigh”

Through the polish of her singing and the cohesion of the album as a whole, you can tell that Jade was already an experienced vocalist despite this being her debut album. Her dad is former lead singer for the band Yes, Jon Anderson. Jade made appearances on a number of her dad’s solo albums in the 1990s.

Of course, it has the lighter pop songs you would expect from a early 2000s album. The lead singleĀ  “SugarHigh,” the only track released in the United States, is a prime example of this kind of song. It epitomizes the butterflies and positivity that come with the first feelings of infatuation and love. “Sweet Memories” is another song that verbalizes the largely carefree nature of your early 20s and exploring what the world has to offer on your own time.

But the album also had tracks that “dove deeper” into heavier topics. The impact of words and the harm they can cause was explored in “Constant Talking.” The hurt of being betrayed by those close to you because of materialism is front and center in “Love Without Gold.” And “Thank You For Your Lessons” is a blunt reminder that sometimes people in your life are just as valuable for showing you what not to do as they would be showing you what to do. The beauty in these particular songs is their ability to get a point across without dwelling and bogging down the pace of the album.

However, “Dive Deeper” is the title track for a reason. It’s an uplifting song that most cleanly expresses the theme of the album: no matter what happens in life, you can’t be afraid to take chances and live it.

My iPod shuffled to this song and album at a time when I was desperately seeking a little bit of a reprieve from the “adult” world. Listening to Dive Deeper again was a reminder of how good things can be if you let them come to you instead of forcing things all the time.


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