Good Mood Music: Enough

Since June is the month when the most weddings occur in the United States, I’m going with a love song for my monthly music post.

Enough” is a recently released single from Fantasia.

…It’s so hard to let you go
Baby, that’s how I know it’s real love
I fight, but my feelings show
They came rushing in just like a flood
I can’t get enough ’cause I need you, baby, baby, by my side
You can give me your time
And I’ll always ask for more
‘Cause forever just ain’t long enough…

There’s not much to add. It’s an enveloping ballad. When I downloaded it, I played it on a loop. It’s a musical form of the “warm and fuzzies.”

But, to add something, I really like the bass line it has. It gives the song a higher level of versatility without having to go through a major rearranging. For instance, if Fantasia wanted to rock the song out a little during certain performances, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch.